I started Football Streetwear with barely a dollar to my name. Just a university student trying his hardest to make it, get a head-start and looking for his first big break.

We are a Melbourne Based business. This venture was started to keep my mind busy and active and as a distraction from the mental health battle I was facing. I tried many things Skateboarding, Reading but one day I discovered Adobe Photoshop, at the time I had another business where I sold football jerseys. I wanted to expand and sell football styled T-Shirts, I persevered and continued learning more and more about Photoshop and eventually took a course. They have come a very long way and I can release my tee's with huge confidence in my work.

All tee designs are all custom made/one of a kind.


Football Streetwear is based on football fashion and culture. There are currently not many places where you can buy fashionable football merchandise. However fans all around the world are desperate to represent their team outside of matchdays, while looking as fashionable as possible. Football Streetwear Store allows fans to do that. You can wear one of our awesome tees or crews ANYWHERE!